The 4th ENCOUNTER-Conference

Managing manorial heritage – scaling and balancing public and private issues

5th–7th October 2018, European University Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder (Germany)


Conference Programme
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4th October 2018 (THURSDAY)

18.00 – 20.00 Registration

19.00 Guided walk through Frankfurt/Oder

20:00 Informal get-together in Frankfurt/Oder


5th October 2018 (FRIDAY)

08.30 Registration

9.00 Welcome address by Martina Münch, the Minister of Culture and Science of the Federal Country Brandenburg and the President of the German National Committee for the Protection of Historical Monuments

Welcome address by Julia von Blumenthal, the President of the European University Viadrina

9.15 Introduction into the concept of the conference, Paul Zalewski, Chair of Heritage Studies at the European University Viadrina


Section 1: Sociological foundations

Chair: Gabriela Christmann (Erkner)

9.40 Keynote: Sybille Frank (Darmstadt), Rural heritage and spaces of tourism

10.15 Wulf Tessin (Hannover), Visiting rural heritage

10.45 Coffee break


Section 2 (Macro-level): “Heritage Governance” in tourism and spatial planning?

Chair: Jonathan Finch (York)

11.00 Steven Heyde, Sylvie Van Damme (Ghent), Rural estates as social enterprises of the 21th century

11.30 Ole Winther (Copenhagen), Managing manorial heritage in Denmark: Protection vs. Daily Use

12.00 Colm Murray (Dublin), The Irish Country House: State support for its ‘public value’

12.30 Discussion

13.00 Lunch


Section 3.1 (MeSO-level): Associations and lobbies

Chair: Paul Zalewski (Frankfurt/Oder)

14.00 Ben Cowell (London), 21st-century manors: how private houses survive and thrive through diversification

14.30 Hugh Maguire (Dublin), Postcards from the Edge: Managing the Irish Country House

15.00 Marta Sofia Dos Santos (Veytaux/Switzerland), The Partnership Strategy of the Château de Chillon™

15.30 Coffee break

16.00 – 17.30 Discussion

18.00 – 19.30 Vernissage of the German-Dutch exhibition about the 33 residences along the Oranje-Route (Orange Route), in the presence of Ms Willemijn van Haaften, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Berlin

19.30 – 20.15 Evening lecture: Fred Vogelzang & Janneke van Dijk (Utrecht), Hosting Cultural Events at Castles and Country Houses


6th October 2018 (SATURDAY)


Section 3.2 (MeSO-level, CONTINUATION): Associations and lobbies

Chair: Göran Ulväng (Uppsala)

9.00 Thomas Adlercreutz (Stockholm), Voluntary work for the Cultural Heritage in Sweden. An overview over associations and their situation

9.30 Iveta Balčūne (Luznava), Heritage Governance in Latvia – from heritage governance strategies to an individual manorial place – Luznava manor

10.00 Stsiapan Stureika (Vilnius), Manor Houses in Post-Soviet Belarus: Overcoming Abandonment Through a Participatory Design

10.30 Discussion

11.00 Coffee break


Section 4 (MicrO-level): Strategies of individual development

Chair: Britta Andersen (Gammel Estrup/Denmark)

11.20 Gabriela Christmann (Erkner), Between tradition and innovation.  Cultural heritage and innovative ways of developing rural regions. Local initiatives from a sociological perspective

11.50 to be announced

12.20 Yme Kuiper (Groningen), Small manors speak to large heritage issues. Stories of the transformation of a city-near, Frisian country house in the late twentieth century

13.00 Lunch


Section 5: Manors in Brandenburg and in Eastern Germany

(This section includes the presentations of the “macro-” and “meso-level” related issues only. The strategies in a micro scale will be presented directly on site during the excursion on 7th October.)

Chair: Paul Zalewski (Frankfurt/Oder)

14.15 Herle Forbrich (Hamburg), Manor houses without their masters. Places of history in the 20th century in East Elbia

15.00 Nils Meyer (Kiel), Empty Spaces – Meeting the Post-Reunification Challenge of Preserving and Caring for Brandenburg’s Stately Homes and Manor Houses

15.30 Anja Fielauf (Berlin), Castles and Manor Houses as Museums in the State of Brandenburg. An Empirical Study

16.00 Friederike Dinse (Berlin), Manors in the border region of Brandenburg – critical overview

17.00-18.30 Discussion


7th October 2018 (SUNDAY) – Excursion day

09.00 Bus departure from Frankfurt/Oder

Route: Sieversdorf, Lietzen, Gusow, Wulkow, Neuhardenberg, Alt Madlitz. More details

16.00 Return to Frankfurt/Oder


Programme of the 4th ENCOUNTER-Conference as on 11th September 2018. May be subject to alterations.
Download the programme flyer (PDF)

Header image: Anholt Castle in Isselburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany © Creative Commons CC0